I’m a bit of an anomaly. As a child and teenager, I did not play any extracurricular sports, my family’s “diet” was composed of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich (ham/turkey, salami, cheese, mayo), or, my personal favorite packed lunch for school: peanut butter and butter sandwich .. (yes, you read that correctly) for lunch, and pan-fried chicken breast filets/pork chops, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and green beans for dinner.

Not exactly the formula for healthy, fit success, right? I had MUCH to learn.

When I was 14, going through very tough times at home with a broken to blended family and dealing with a lot of insecurity, I received two messages – from God, or the universe, or whatever you want to call it, all I know is that my 14-year old self did not make this up – 1. my story will help a lot of people one day, and 2. there are people going through much worse than I was.

That was years ago, but I can still see myself standing in my bedroom, looking out my window and listening to this. I remember what it felt like. I remember the peace that covered my inner turmoil.

Never did I realize how my journey and adventure of life would take me into the realm of health, fitness, and total wellness. I didn’t know at the time that my life’s work would be to crack the code of what made me, me, and how to embrace that – and help others do the same.

To ditch the feeling of restlessness and follow my passions in life, to trust myself and my intuition, to inspire others to do the same – that is my mission.

I’m a personal trainer by background, with lots of really fantastic client success stories I’ve been blessed to see over the years.

My passion and #1 priority in my life is health – healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit, healthy relationships, healthy balance in my life with work and play.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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  1. I was looking over your page and you seem to be into running and have a lot knowledge in the field. I am trying to get back into running and have some questions was curious if I could bounce them off you.

    Thanks, Jared

      1.  My senior year of college (2007) I started running and I loved it. In late 2008 I stared to train for a 5K I ran in early 2009. After the 5K I took about a month off, and then started running again. However, I did too much mileage too soon. I ended up pulling my ITBS band in both legs (mostly in my right leg), and I haven’t been able to do any sort of distance running since. It seems like my legs have never gotten completely right.
        I have started a 5 week workout routine to get my body back in shape, and one of my long term goals is to try to start running again. I do miss it and it did help me lose and keep weight off.

        I would appreciate any tips or advice for how I should try to get back into running.
        You can look over my blog and that may help give you an idea of the exercises I have been doing.

        Thanks in advance!!

      2. Jared – Have you seen an orthopedic doctor? That would most definitely be my first recommendation, if not requirement, even before starting any workout regimen. It sounds like whatever happened with your ITBs was very serious and I would rather you go see a doctor for prevention of further or permanent injury, especially with it still giving you trouble today. Once you do that, I would love to hear what the doctor says, if you would keep me informed? Thank you for sharing the workout regimen you are following, I enjoyed checking out your blog. Your motivation is inspiring – just make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost .. You want to be able to move well for many years to come 😉


      3. Hi Audrey,

        Thanks for your time and I appreciate all of your feedback. I am trying to take it easy right now with the workouts, but I had to start doing something. I think this week I may simply do core and upper-body workouts to give the legs/hips a break. I also plan on doing a lot of stretching.

        I have not seen an orthopedic. Do you think seeing a chiropractor would be a good route to go? I have a few things I need to get taken care, but would like to see a chiropractor or some doctor within the next month or two.

        Thanks for looking at the blog and I am so glad I started one. It is such a positive place. I will for sure keep you informed with the situation and thanks again for your time.

        Have a great Monday!!

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