Ah, the city. I love this place. I am happy to be blessed by it.


Where everything and nothing is going on all at once. People are everywhere, connecting, working, playing .. living.


I believe you can find beauty in everything. Sometimes, it’s obvious, like a nice house, or a beautifully landscaped park. Those beauties don’t require much work to see. But sometimes you have to search. Sometimes it isn’t visible to the naked eye. And to me, that kind of beauty is just as awesome, if not better, because it took work, or effort, in order to see it.

Many treasures in life are hidden. Most things aren’t just handed to us. We have to condition ourselves to see them – beauty, opportunities, potential setbacks, etc.

There are a few cool things to this – 1. You can condition yourself to find the benefit or the good in anything and 2. All that conditioning starts with is a desire to do it. And 3. It really isn’t that difficult to do this! It’s very simple.

Desire is the start to any achievement or change.

I desired to be in the city, and after a long process, I am planted right where I wanted to be.

In your heart, where do you desire to be? The Caribbean? Belize? Africa? Missouri? Who do you desire to be? Not just your career, but character traits, too! Kind, gracious, patient, loving, smart, educated, successful? Great husband/wife/parent? What does successful mean to you? What do you desire to be doing with your time? How do you want to help others?

Allow me to encourage you to take the time to ponder these things today and define them for yourself.

I love you and want to see you happy and fulfilled! ❤


One thought on “Desire [the City]

  1. I am so very blessed to know of you. You’re wisdom, and grateful nature define what god had in mind for each and every one of us. I truly am grateful to read your writing. Never stop. I admire you.

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