Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln
Alright, it’s a funny quote, haha. All joking aside, your words have a big impact on the direction of your thoughts and your life.
“The words you speak become the house you live in.”
Have you ever wondered if what you say has any impact on your life? I remember growing up, and bless my mom, but she would always explain how “whenever she talked about something, she ‘jinxed’ herself with it,” meaning that the opposite of what she wanted to happen or spoke of happening actually occurred. This is the mindset I grew up with – it shaped my life. You know how as kids, what you perceive from your world around you becomes your reality (this actually happens to us as adults, too, many people just stopped paying attention to it). So I went around throughout my pre-teen and teen years thinking that if I really wanted something to happen, I better keep my mouth shut, or I may “jinx” it. 
How far from the truth this is! Let’s say you’re going to college to become a doctor. You’re talking about it, right? You’re affirming the fact, quite often, that yes, you’re on the track to become a doctor. Yes, you’re working on your undergrad in Biology and GOING TO BE A DOCTOR. 
If you are one of those people that thought that saying what you really want in life is counterproductive or “wrong” (i.e. boastful, arrogant, etc) might I suggest you throw that thought out and try a new one? Just give it a shot. Take a sober look at if keeping quiet about your dreams and goals has helped you further those dreams and goals. If you start talking about where you are going, you’ll head in that direction.
“I am strong. I am confident. I am 10 lbs lighter. I have sexy (insert body part that you’re insecure about here). I love my body. I am a successful (insert career or business endeavor of choice here).”
You have to tell the GPS where you are going in order for it to tell you how to get there. When you are focused on where you are going and talking about it, your mind will find ways to get there. 
“Make the next legal U-turn,” says Garmin. 😀 Start talking about where you’re going – where you WANT to go!

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