Have you ever started something and not felt like finishing it? Be it a workout, a run, a project, a paper, whatever have you? When you did finish it, how did it feel? Did the sense of accomplishment maybe grow and carry more weight because you pushed through your feelings/emotions and finished the task?
Self-respect is important to accomplishing much in life. As with anything, it can be taken to the extreme, so take this with a cup of balance in your mind. I’m not talking about arrogance or using this for personal gain, but for personal service to others.
Developing a habit of doing everything we set our minds to and put our hands to the best of our abilities is a habit of excellence. It takes discipline, but the rewards are exponential.
Consider this – finishing a task you’ve begun before starting your next one. Consider this – truly being organized with everything in your life, not just at work, but at home, in personal documents, in the kitchen, all the time.
It not only shows a lot about our character but also makes our lives simpler, and a lot of times, easier.
Here’s a good question for you today: “who are you, when no one is looking?”
Maybe these things don’t come easy to you. But I tell you today, that if you work with diligence to develop the trait of excellence in your life, the rewards will far outweigh the effort to get the ball rolling. Remember, once you get something started, it is far easier to maintain! [Check out The Flywheel Concept by Jim Collins]
Who Am I Meow
Who am I when no one is looking? Meow. – Stray cat of Richmond, VA

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