Pebbles & Miles

I had a stone, a teeny weeny little pebble (not even big enough problem to address) bother me in my sock miles 14-18 during my run yesterday. I refused to stop and fix it.

Now? A hole in my forefoot and pain. Yes. HOLE.

I learned 2 lessons ..

#1, Pay attention to the little things in life that are not right .. they may be eating holes and causing more pain as you go .. The time you take to get it out may save you much more time & pain than you realize .. !
#2. Don’t be so stubborn to not listen to a friend who’s telling you to stop and get the stone out of your sock. 😛

Don’t keep traveling with the same issues, take a second to correct them. Slow down to speed up. Unaddressed, they’ll only get worse. Be wise.


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