Definition of worth (n)
Bing Dictionary
1. value in money: the value of something, especially in terms of money
2. amount equaling given value: the amount of something that can be bought for a particular sum of money or that will last for a particular length of time
3. moral or social value: the goodness, usefulness, or importance of something or somebody, irrespective of financial value or wealth
Your worth is GIVEN to you.
Know your worth, and where it comes from.
Where it comes from, it does not change.
Your worth does not change.
Like the Creator, it is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
Crumble up a dollar. Throw it on the floor. Stomp on it. Pick it up. Use it at the store.
It has the SAME WORTH no matter what happened to it.
The Creator decided your worth before you were even in existence.
The only thing keeping you from walking in it .. is YOU.
What do YOU believe about yourself?
Is it what others tell you? Is it that inner voice that says, “I’m not ____ enough?”
No. Look to the Source.

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