As a teenager, I was never involved in sports or fitness. I enjoyed gym class, but never had the opportunity to play an after-school sport. I struggled with a low self-image, not feeling pretty enough and never feeling like I “fit in.”

After high school, I began working out and going to the gym. I went more, and more, and had so much motivation that I could run 10 miles on the treadmill without stopping. Yet, I still was dissatisfied with my body image. I was kind of lifting weights, playing around with the machines and learning about free weights. Still dissatisfied. Then, I ran my first 5k and fell in love with running. I found it funny that I could run 10 miles on the treadmill, yet had to stop 3 times within 3.1 miles on the pavement. I found a new challenge that would take my mind off of my body image and put it on fitness, proper movement, and performance.

Today, I am training for my 4th marathon. I’ve raced multiple triathlons and still enjoy lifting weights just as much as I do cardiovascular endurance training. What I have learned through the process has been more valuable than the body shape, size, and definition that I have today. I have learned fitness – mentally, spiritually, and finally, physically. I am not simply an advocate for fitness, but for all around wellness. The direction of our lives, whether headed for success, or the alternative, starts in our minds. From there, we lead our hearts, our spirituality, and it all then flows into our physical lives and bodies.

My vision is to create true and lasting positive change in your life. I know that I have been equipped with the tools to make it happen. I have seen improvements in coordination and balance, strength and endurance, and all around fitness in my clients. As a result, they’ve lost inches and fat, and gained confidence that doesn’t come solely from having the perfect body.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!


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