4th Quarter LivingHappy October! Welcome to the 4th quarter of the year. We’re getting cozy in scarves and tights, boots and pumpkin coffees ..

Before I continue, allow me to ask, are you gearing down your year, or ramping up?

Yes, the holidays are around the corner. That means busy-ness and tasty comfort food. But you know what else is right around the corner? 2015! Instead of spending the last 3 months of your 2014 slowing down your goals in life and fitness, hop on top of them and take this as a time to really accomplish them!

I am not saying to abandon hope of stuffing and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, or eating a salad at Christmas. But instead of cutting back your workouts and overdoing your eating, why not continue to build your fitness to take you into the New Year? Why NOT be different and jump ahead of the bandwagon of January gym-goers and get it in NOW?

Those who know me know that I enjoy good food. I enjoy staying very active and fit so that I can enjoy a donut every once in a while and not still worry about fitting into the Thanksgiving dinner dress. And when I have that donut, I savor and enjoy it, because I earned it. If you are going to have bad food, in the least, enjoy it!

Some will criticize and think I am crazy, but I am a firm believer in balance in life. We can’t “deprive” ourselves all the time. So I say all that to say, consider and then make a firm decision to stay active starting today. Get a plan for your workouts. If you don’t have one, tell me, and we will make you one! If you have a plan and you follow it well, then you can eliminate the unhealthy desire/guilt/shame cycle of inactivity and poor food choices that the holidays may have brought you in the past.

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