Autumn Fave: Mango Pumpkin Smoothie


Have a hankerin’ for the taste of autumn but still need good nutrition for your body? That’s pretty much all of us right now, ha! Enjoy this balanced and tasty smoothie while getting your pumpkin everything on!


1 cup DOLE Wildly Nutritious frozen fruit blend (mangoes, peaches, red grapes, strawberries)

1 cup almond milk, unsweetened

2 tbsp natural pumpkin butter or pumpkin pie mix (canned, Libby’s)

2 large brown free-roaming eggs, raw


Simply combine all ingredients in blender and blend. Pour into fun drinking apparatus, such as a mason jar, and top with a dollop of pumpkin butter to finish. Serve with straw.

Enjoy! 😉

Note: if you’re not relishing the idea of a cold smoothie, you can gently warm this concoction up in the microwave! Tasty!


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