Aubrey Eicher Push UpDo me a favor. Where you are right now – sitting, standing, whatever, turn both of your feet so that the arch is facing forward, toes facing each side, left, and right. Like a cartoon character, or the drawings we did as kids because we had a hard time understanding perspective and the fact that people don’t stand, sit, or walk that way. Now, walk around like that all day. Tell me how you feel.

No! Don’t actually do that! Why? Well, it is obvious, but our knees do not have rotational properties. Our hips do, but our knees do not. I give this example to explain the importance of practicing proper movement and form in your workouts.

Example: when performing a squat, you want your knees to track over your second and third toes (counting from the big toe). Also, you want to keep your weight in your heels and your chest tall.

This is a small example of one of the benefits of employing a trainer to help you to get a kick start on your fitness plan. In my belief, no one should have to use a trainer for longer than 3-6 months in the most, unless they really enjoy working with a trainer as opposed to working out alone, or have other complications that make working out a little more complicated for them.

My job as a fitness coach is to make sure that you are getting the most effective and safest workout for your time and dollar. Let’s face it – we are all busy these days, and no one should waste precious time spinning their wheels at the gym, not getting the exact goal that they are desiring. (Spin classes excluded, no pun intended there! ☺) I applaud everyone’s motivation, but allow a professional to combine your motivation with their knowledge, expertise, and experience, to help you get what you really want, and avoid frustration along the way.

Already have a good idea how to practice proper form and movement at the gym? Stay posted for our new product rollout, “DIY Fitness!” (TM) Coming soon!

Aubrey Eicher Push Up


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