There are SO many exercises out there that we can be utilizing to strengthen and tone our core. Yes, the mass majority of us all want the perfectly toned midsection. But! Have you considered this thought – you cannot do ANYTHING without your core? Lift your right arm. Did you feel your midsection activating to keep you stable? Take a step forward or kick your leg where you are right now. Did you notice that?Aubrey Eicher Abs Running

Our core is the center of movement for our bodies (hence, the name) and it’s an excellently prudent idea to train it regularly to strengthen the musculature.

Here are some great exercises to start with:

1. Ball crunch
2. Bicycle crunch
3. Plank (with variations)
4. Reverse crunch
5. Single leg bridge
6. Plank on a ball
7. Oblique twists/Russian twists
8. V-sits/V-crunches

Those will get you started. Make a decision to train your core thoroughly and regularly! Look for exercises that target each muscle group (rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, the posterior chain, and the movement system – including the latissimus dorsi, hip flexors, hamstring complex, and quadriceps)

Time and diligence will pay off. Whether you are starting a complete fitness program, a runner that wants to improve their time and reduce their risk of injury, or just want a tighter tummy, persistence and consistency are always your friends when working toward your goal.

If you would like a workout program specific to you and your goals, send me an email at!


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