.. and finally!

Ice Bath - NYC Marathon 2014
Ice bath .. Oh the things we do for muscle recovery. Crazy marathoners ..

So, I had the inspiration to do something a little .. different with this trip and post. I’ve got videos! While I love to write, I was sure that to better capture and communicate the excitement bubbling within me and the exhilaration afterwards through the entire NYC experience!

I broke it up into a few messages and I have a few great revelations that I wish to share regarding the experience that I will share in other posts, coming soon!

For now, sit back, hit play, and, er, laugh at me! I mean, enjoy! Haha! ūüėČ

Last tempo run, 9 days out, the anticipation is building .. ! | http://youtu.be/BwpKIbivoXQ

I was really getting geeked about this race. It was going to be my fourth marathon, and while that was cool, I was way more excited about the possibilities of exploring this place, New York City, that I had only ever been once, and only for about 12 hours that one time. Not to mention the fact that over 50,000 people were running it as well as over 1 million people outside supporting it. I had not participated in an event of this caliber before.

The days got closer, and a few days out I was quite emotional. This is normal for the taper portion of marathon training season, but I had new emotions this time .. | http://youtu.be/VmCv5n3z1aI

I was incredibly overtaken by the realization that through the entire year of 2014, not even just the training season (which for me was May/June-November), but the entire year, God has brought me through many trials that were very painful at the time, but ultimately have made me better and stronger. I have learned many lessons and many things about myself that I did not before. And because of many of these things, I am more comfortable simply being me than I ever have been. Many people go their entire lives still not comfortable with being themselves Рthey have to have this or that that their neighbor has or owns, or they need to have a certain time in their races in order to feel accomplished .. etc etc .. At the end of the day, I realized that if you strip everything away from us, that is what we are, is, simply, us. If I did not have my business, my car, my friends, my hobbies, my running, my abilities, etc .. I would still just be me at the end of the day. And that me is what God created. And there is great value in that. Just the same as in you! Take away, or even add all the trappings of life: spouse, relationships, money, possessions, career, etc .. and you are still you at the end of the day. We cannot put our value in things. Our Creator gave us our value when He made us, and He made us in His image and in His likeness. So our value is within Him! | http://youtu.be/rYGuVCSPx-k

goodbye, old apartment .. hello, new adventures!
goodbye, old apartment .. hello, new adventures!

Moving, moving, moving!

I spent the week leading up to the marathon .. moving. Amazing to me, was the group of friends that surrounded me and offered their help – their muscles, their sweat, their vehicles, their time and energy ..

Have you moved using a dump truck before? #interestinglifeexperiences
Have you moved using a dump truck before? #interestinglifeexperiences

I did not have to over-stress my body at all. I was incredibly blessed by everyone who helped.

First train ride!

The journey began up to NYC. I had never traveled by train before, so I was THOROUGHLY excited and a little bit nervous to ride the train from Richmond to NYC. I was super pumped that my train was leaving at 0435. I LOVE mornings and I love being up before everyone and doing things at odd hours .. I don’t entirely understand it, but I love it. I knew I would not sleep on this train due to my excitement. I took my car to a good friend’s house and she drove me to first get coffee (yay) and then to the train station. She is one of the sweetest and truest friends I have. The train came and I was off! The adventure begins ..

NYC Marathon 2014 Recap - Train 1I was in a “quiet car,” which was nice at 0500, a good time for reflection. (Not that many people are loud at 0500). I tried to remain quiet. I was bubbling inside. Travelling solo excited me! What I didn’t realize at the time is that a lot of my excitement came from the idea of exploring something new to me, versus just running the race! |¬†http://youtu.be/kRa-UZLS0wk¬†|¬†http://youtu.be/QqrXbxiAvh8

NYC Marathon 2014 Recap - Train 2
Productive ride! #myoffice #ilikebeingmobile #anywhereintheworld

Our train was delayed and I was 100% cool with that, because my game plan was to go to the expo, then pasta dinner, then crash early at the YMCA in Manhattan early that evening and get good rest before the race.  I was tired enough that my sleepiness would take over my excitement at some point, I figured .. The later that we got into Manhattan, the better, for me. Our train was scheduled to arrive at 1130 and dinner was not until 1600. #whenlatenessisablessing #timeisbeautiful | http://youtu.be/yCuO1zh_bUg

It was a VERY productive train ride – I was working just about the entire time. Working, reading, etc. I hardly even listened to music. It was nice to keep my devices charged the entire time, and enjoy some more coffee! I was getting tired of eating Clif bars and fruit, though ..


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