This is a time to reflect on how we’ve personally been living externally and internally, over the past, well, how long: Months? Years? A decade? A few decades?

Externally: The long-term effects of moving your body, fueling it nutritionally, doing all that you can that is proven to improve your health compound on themselves.

We can’t change our past decisions. But we can accept wake-up calls to stop and establish what it is that we truly want in the future, and even today. What we have is the present moment and the undetermined future we wish to have. Now is the time to act upon that future we wish to have.

Do we want to fear physical death, or know that we personally did everything we knew within our power to fight against it with our health?

Segway: Yes, physically, but also deeply mentally and emotionally as well.

Internally: Do we analyze our reality on a regular basis to the point where a crisis, even a pandemic (still might knock us on our ass for a few days but) brings us back to ourselves and helps us decide how to move forward?

Big Question: Are we living the life we really want to live? (Take COVID-19 out of it for a good minute with me here).

Phew. I know these are big and potentially uncomfortable questions, but how will we ever be truly happy with our lives and our decisions if we are not SURE of the fact that we are living them to all of our goals, day in and day out? How would we even know if we have or have not succeeded if we are undefined about it?

A few years ago now, I got into this freak car accident where I was the first to find a fallen tree across the interstate, in the dark, going 70 miles/hour. I knew without a doubt that if that was a period instead of an “and” and a comma, that I had been living to my potential at the time. I was pleased. If it were to be a period and not a comma, I was okay with that. I really was. But then, I wouldn’t be writing here today. So, I am happy to be here. I am grateful. So, that’s that. I have known and respected for a long time is the fact that I wanted to maximize every piece of the potential that is within me and this life I get the opportunity to experience. (See photo – I was entirely unharmed save for a bit of whiplash. Moxie – my first MINI, however, took that bullet for me, RIP).

Moxie at the scene of the crash

I use this example OFTEN because it is so visually and emotionally stimulating.

That’s Maxx in the background, my new MINI. “Maxx”imizing life ♥️ “Maxxwel”

So, do we stand up to fear and confusion with rational, objective thinking or do we cower, duck our heads, and wait for it to pass?

These are questions for you to ask yourself for your own well-being and peace of mind.

For me, I’m exercising my body to strengthen and fortify the resilience in my body, my mind, and my emotions. And I personally find a lot of peace in controlling what I *can* control, which are at least those things.

Song: “Love and Hope” by Ozomatli


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