I came across this great little article about low-carb diets and wanted to share it with you. 

Here are my thoughts, what I have learned, and what works for me .. I recommend a balanced diet, about 15-20% protein (based on your weight training intensity), 15-25% healthy fats, and about 55-65% carbohydrates. To supplement the article above, I have learned that protein breaks down more effectively when combined with carbs (my go-to breakfast for on-the-go no-time-I’m-running-out-the-door consists of an egg and a banana. What I really like to do when I have the little bit of time is scramble 2 eggs up, cook 1 cup frozen spinach in a separate pot, combine the two, and while still hot, add a serving of shredded cheddar cheese to balance out the meal with some fat, and make it even tastier).

Also, many people upon going onto a low-carb diet will lose weight immediately. I want to let you know, this is called water weight. Look at the word – carboHYDRATE, Carbs aren’t bad, they keep your body hydrated, and that is a good and necessary thing — our bodies NEED water (are you drinking in the LEAST 64 oz/day? A lot of times our thirst during the day can be mistaken for hunger ..) Balance is good.

In the end, if you eat well (small, healthy, balanced meals) 6 days a week, take a day to celebrate and eat what you want. This accomplishes two things: you have a reward and something to look forward to (I keep a list of things I crave throughout a week and eat them all on this “Treat Day”) and you are tricking your metabolism (just like we do with mixing up our workouts) into working more. TIP: SET Treat Day to a particular day of the week. Don’t leave it open for negotiation! 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 🙂
Share your thoughts with me!


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