Fun Food Fridays!

Alright, so .. I am finding myself cooking on Fridays. Today could have been Tuesday, for all I know. In my world, my days don’t have the standardly tolerated phenomena of 5 of them being xyz schedule (working, etc) and 2 of them being a “weekend” of sorts .. they all just kind of blend and jive together. I prefer this; I don’t really get excited over one day over another, just the fact that it is another new day to do awesome things with .. “to go forth and conquer ..” .. haha ..

So I am now adopting a day, and we shall call it “Fun Food Friday.” We could get national adoption! Instead of people going out, we could make a tradition of everyone staying in with family and trying a new recipe of sorts together. Naturally, we would share stories about it with other families and it’d be pretty cool! 🙂 Alright, everyone adopt the idea and we will push it to the tipping point and beyond!

The moment you have been waiting for ..

The food up top was a new creation, I thawed out two gimungus (new word) chicken breasts the other night and hadn’t gotten around to them (it’s been one of those weeks, y’all .. we ALL have them .. !) and then put them in a glass Pyrex cooking dish, smothered with garlic powder, oregano, and red pepper flakes. It marinated for two days, patiently awaiting my cooking. Then, I heated up a serving of olive oil in my saucepan, sliced the chicken up into slivers, and sauteed it up. It smelled wonderful! A little Italian kick to it. I then decided to use the baby carrots my roommate and I had sitting in our fridge (hello, resourcefulness!). Some of them I chopped into quarters, some smaller, and a few I didn’t cut up at all. I only cut the ends off of all of the pieces. I let it simmer for 30 minutes, stirring it occasionally .. and voila! At the end, I put 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt into the pan and cooked it in, giving it a saucier texture. I put it over a bed of plain quinoa and packaged it into a few to-go containers since I work tomorrow and Sunday.

Then, I had dessert .. I decided to treat myself tonight with a tall glass of coconut/almond milk with an instant hot cocoa packet mixed in. Yes, I could have done better and made my own cocoa mix with some plain cocoa and sugar, but I have these packets in my pantry and can’t bear to allow them to go to waste. I must say! The coconut and chocolate tastes together were simply .. amazing. I enjoyed this treat thoroughly.

Happy Friday! Share what you made! 😉

Aubrey L Eicher


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