Microwave Life?

Here is one thing that I have learned over the last few years – not to have a MICROWAVE MENTALITY with life.

Think about it, we want everything NOW, right? Not even NOW, like, yesterday. Maybe the microwave ruined us – we can pop something in there and have it ready in what, maybe 90 seconds? 2 minutes or so if it is something that has been in the fridge?

Or maybe it’s high speed internet’s fault. You remember – back in the day .. dial up. You know, click a page .. go make a pbj .. hang out with family for a few minutes .. then go back and maybe the page is 75% loaded. But today .. wow, how could we survive like that? Better yet, how did we then?

These are examples that are not true to the principle of time. Everything takes time. You are where you are in life today because over a period of time: days, months, years, sometimes decades .. you have been on that path.

Side thought — what tastes better — microwave-reheated food, or slow-cooked, 7 hour+ food?

The good news is that with fitness, or anything else in life, you can make the decision today for a healthier lifestyle. Once you make the big decision to change, then just make a series of smaller decisions, like getting a personal trainer (I am biased on having a trainer but I recommend this the most because I don’t believe anyone should spin their wheels out there – if you want to get results and the most effective ones for the time that you spend, the money is well worth the investment in yourself, and doesn’t break the bank, either), a gym membership, eating healthier, being more active, and making better lifestyle choices (like cooking something tasty and exciting on a Friday night vs going to the club), and finding friends who share the same interests and values as you have/want to adopt.

Life isn’t microwavable, though. It takes time to see the change. Fall in love with the process, the journey – it is a beautiful thing!

I’ve been progressively living a healthier life over the past 6.5 years now, and I can only thank and praise God for it! As I was looking through pictures of my own even over the past 2 years, I see changes in my own life and lifestyle:

Dead LiftLifting 3 days ago at the gym .. I know .. not much but this little non-weight training runner has come a long way!

Superset Back Workout - Cable CrossOh the #fun – always new things to try out as my own personal guinea pig at the gym!

MeowThe face of my cat in bewilderment as I get up at o-dark-thirty!

Slow Cooked Buffalo Chicken SaladThe food I have happily adopted in being healthier ..

Balance Work!Balance work! .. and chap stick 🙂

Travelling runs!The friends I have met and the places we have gone .. and have yet to go and explore!

ShoesOh the miles on these shoes today! #accomplishment

Finish line 26.2First marathon – Richmond 2012

CARBSCarb-loading for my first triathlon, July 2013

Victory!Celebrating after my first triathlon, July 2013 (Had a rough swim, so this is the look of pure victory, haha!)

Just thought I would share a few with you! Life is good, count your blessings! Better yet – don’t count them, recall them, as often as you can.

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