Tips for Accountability to your Goals

Relationships are one of your most powerful catalysts for growth. The company you keep may make - or break - your success. Who are your biggest supporters? Your cheerleaders? Who understands you best and wants to see you grow into all you want to become? Spend more time with these people. The energy in these … Continue reading Tips for Accountability to your Goals


Routine. Love it? Hate it? Have you thought about it recently? Probably. Have you pondered it in the last 5 minutes? Likely. Why is it that we fall into such routines of tasks? Doing, doing, doing. Busy, busy, busy. Not taking time out for the things we really want to do. Not taking true time … Continue reading Routine


How important is community? Friends? Family? I consulted Wikipedia. "The term community has two distinct commutative meanings: 1) Community can refer to a usually small, social unit of any size that shares common values. The term can also refer to the national community or international community, and 2) in biology, a community is a group … Continue reading Community