How to Change your Nutrition Habits

Have you ever cooked fresh crabs before? You know, where you just caught them and they're still alive and crawling around (not to be morbid here, but) and don't want to be in a pot of boiling water? Have you considered how you can change your eating habits? Have you wanted to swap to healthier … Continue reading How to Change your Nutrition Habits


Think Long Term and Process

Do you have a big health/fitness goal? Have you been thinking about it for a while now? Have you embarked upon it? Have you started only to have gotten overwhelmed or discouraged by it?   Sometimes, you get the big push of energy (take New Years' resolutions, for instance) only to peter out of energy … Continue reading Think Long Term and Process

Exercise and Mental Health

  You probably are aware that exercise has a plethora of benefits, among which can include lowering risk of chronic disease such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular disease, as well as lowering weight and making movement more comfortable in functional daily activities.   There are many other wonderful benefits that exercise has, also, on the … Continue reading Exercise and Mental Health

Get a Schedule that Works for You!

So, many of us are thinking about back-to-school, the beginning of fall, and more. How can we reorganize our schedules accordingly? Surely, we have to adjust with the seasons, and these seasons bring transitions of students going back to school, whether it be grade school or furthering their education, I recognize that parents are a … Continue reading Get a Schedule that Works for You!