Every year, I make a list of things I want to accomplish/do/experience over the course of the year.

Many, if not all of these things, I cross off of my list. It’s a really fun activity for me and keeps me focused on the things I want.

I started this in 2015. That year marked two big growth achievements for me: flying in an airplane for the first time, and seeing the West Coast. 2016 included my trip to Costa Rica. (Another BIG personal growth experience!)

All these decisions I made when it was “easy” to – commitments that I stuck to when it “got tough” or scary, or seemingly impossible, or crazy.

That’s why I make the list. It’s kinda like my accountability partner and can even act as a compass for me. (I do a year-end review at the end of each year in conjunction with setting goals for the next).

In 2017, I was fortunate to knock another round of items off of my list – including the Richmond Marathon, making it a priority to visit my family and doing so, and keeping up with my yoga practice.

One thing I left off though: my world shifted a bit when I met and decided to create a home together with Brian last year. We moved in together and had many things going on between moving, work, family, friends, and more.

I had a dog on my goals list for 2017, (I had gone back and forth between wanting one for sometime prior to that, always having grown up with pets and feeling strange about not having one) but it didn’t make sense at the time to make a push to get him.

I also wanted to respect the fact that my decision would now affect Brian as well. (Thank you, Brian, for welcoming his little face into our home!)

I believe in pushing for our dreams, goals, and success, but also being wise about when it may not truly make sense to pursue it at the time. Timing is important.

Strategy is just as important as drive.
Listening is just as important as zeal.

Wisdom is important.

I’m ecstatic (and admittedly, a bit nervous) and yet FULL of JOY to have little Roo in our home and our lives and our circles of family and friends.

I’m looking forward to sharing all of the love he has within him with each of you! And for you to share your love with him, because he realllllly soaks it up!

Thank you all for being a part of my journey.


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