The Best Way to Lose Fat

Something everyone wants to know - "What's the best way to lose fat?" Well, I apologize in advance - there is no simple one-size-fits-all easy answer. However, let's explore this question! Every individual responds differently to different training modalities. That being said, "activities that incorporate many muscle groups and are weight bearing use more calories … Continue reading The Best Way to Lose Fat

The Power of Journaling & Gratitude

Happy Independence Day weekend! 🙂 I wanted to share about a "secret weapon" of mine that I have practiced/used for sometime now - journaling a gratitude practice. So, you may have heard the "buzz" on gratitude these days, and also perhaps on journaling. Perhaps you have wondered, "what's the big deal?" Well, my question to … Continue reading The Power of Journaling & Gratitude

Is Organic Always Better?

Is buying organic really better, and if so, by how much? First of all, what qualifies a food as "organic?" Today, all certified organic foods are grown and processed according to strict national standards set by the USDA. These standards include: No conventional pesticides (including herbicides) No synthetic fertilizers No sewage sludge No bioengineering  No … Continue reading Is Organic Always Better?