Chain Reactions of Change   Let's talk about lifestyle change. The real stuff that lasts. And what really goes on in it.   You have a goal, and you really want to see it come to pass. Let's say it's weight loss, but it can be anything, really. It could be pursuing a promotion or a deeper … Continue reading Chain Reactions of Change


What if you Don’t Have your A-Game?

Most of us want to show up to the best of our abilities in everything we do. Even to the point of beating ourselves up if we perform at a level less than we thought we should or wish we would. The reality is, our "A-Game" varies from day to day. Some days, we feel … Continue reading What if you Don’t Have your A-Game?

Think Long Term and Process

Do you have a big health/fitness goal? Have you been thinking about it for a while now? Have you embarked upon it? Have you started only to have gotten overwhelmed or discouraged by it?   Sometimes, you get the big push of energy (take New Years' resolutions, for instance) only to peter out of energy … Continue reading Think Long Term and Process