Mindset + Habits = Success (Success Edition)

https://youtu.be/vZ_mi8V_AoQ We’ve talked about mindset and habits, but these components aren’t as vital as knowing as clear as day the exact target you’re looking to see in your life, in your health, fitness, wellness, and beyond! We all have a different idea of what success looks like to us! How do you know if the … Continue reading Mindset + Habits = Success (Success Edition)


Goals and Puppies

🐶👈🏼 🐶👈🏼 Every year, I make a list of things I want to accomplish/do/experience over the course of the year. Many, if not all of these things, I cross off of my list. It’s a really fun activity for me and keeps me focused on the things I want. I started this in 2015. That … Continue reading Goals and Puppies

Mindset + Habits = Success (Habit Edition)

https://youtu.be/z9uSkk7GRWE You really can do (just about) anything, so long as you have the right habits! It’s simple, it’s not complicated! It’s not personal, and it doesn’t have to be very difficult! If you want different results than you’ve been getting in any area of your life (health, fitness, and wellness included!), it’s a simple … Continue reading Mindset + Habits = Success (Habit Edition)

Mindset + Habits = Success (1 of 2)

https://youtu.be/SULF__zJNC4 What are the stories you are telling yourself and others? Are you “Clumsy? Disorganized? Stressed? Have bad luck all of the time? Murphy’s Law follows you around 24/7? Unhealthy?” What is one story you are telling yourself that is not empowering you to change it or to show up differently to life to change … Continue reading Mindset + Habits = Success (1 of 2)

Transforming Stress vs Managing Stress

https://youtu.be/qp5z1sIou78 Have you done a check in on your own stress level recently? You likely know how stress negatively affects our health in all areas of our lives – our physical bodies, our relationships, our work performance and productivity, and more. Join me as I dive into how it affects us and how we can … Continue reading Transforming Stress vs Managing Stress

Why Forgiveness is Vital & 2 Types

https://youtu.be/QcP6bXsST8k Forgiveness is vital for both ourselves and for others. It helps us to keep any and all relationships going and strong, and it keeps us growing as individual people, as well! There are two types that we really need: forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of ourselves. Did you know that both can hold us … Continue reading Why Forgiveness is Vital & 2 Types

Stop Fear from Holding You Back

https://youtu.be/RpYlEFcfDbM How can we release the fears that hold us back in any way? What holds us back from making the changes we truly wish to create in our lives? Why? What can we do about it? What is a good first step? This week, Lisa Hazelgrove and I dive into the realm of fear … Continue reading Stop Fear from Holding You Back