Aubrey Eicher - Accountability

Relationships are one of your most powerful catalysts for growth.

The company you keep may make – or break – your success. Who are your biggest supporters? Your cheerleaders? Who understands you best and wants to see you grow into all you want to become? Spend more time with these people. The energy in these relationships will literally propel you to where you want to be!

  • Seek out and communicate with supportive friends and family about your goals. Glean encouragement and strength from those that love and support you.
    • Who are these people in your life? List at least 3.
  • Develop accountability partner relationships. The best accountability partners are those who have accomplished something similar to what you’re aiming to achieve.
    • Who could you do this with? List at least 3 people.
  • Above all else – be 100% honest! If you slip up on your habits a day or two or don’t hit a goal, own it. Don’t hide from it. Allow it to be what it is, recoup your energy, spend time talking to those who are encouraging of you and have an understanding of what you’re doing. Reach out to those who have succeeded in what you’re working towards. Remember – relationships are one of your most powerful catalysts for growth!

Last but certainly not least – have fun! Don’t fall into a trap of taking your goal accomplishment so seriously that you forget to laugh or enjoy life. If you’re having a good time while on the way to achieving your goals, you’re that must more likely to hit them and have momentum and energy left over to keep on rolling!


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