Do you Know your Physical Potential?

From year to year, and day to day even, we have a potential we can aspire to discover and explore with our physical fitness. I discovered a passion to explore my potential when I became a marathon runner. I was fascinated with running further and further, progressing from a 5k to an 8k, to a … Continue reading Do you Know your Physical Potential?

The RIGHT Goal (4 Tips)

Do you ever wonder if you have the RIGHT goal in mind for your fitness, wellness, or weight loss? In the RIGHT timeframe?  You are not alone, that is for sure! A lot of goal setting and achievement is trial and error. We must be willing to fail a few times (or several times) while … Continue reading The RIGHT Goal (4 Tips)

Physical Energy Affects Everything – Video 4 of 5 How do you make it easy to develop momentum toward your goals? Do you know what it feels like to be IN THE FLOW working towards what you want to accomplish? Isn't it a beautiful place to be?! Here are some practical steps you can take to do it. Also, how do you handle … Continue reading Physical Energy Affects Everything – Video 4 of 5

Tips for Accountability to your Goals

Relationships are one of your most powerful catalysts for growth. The company you keep may make - or break - your success. Who are your biggest supporters? Your cheerleaders? Who understands you best and wants to see you grow into all you want to become? Spend more time with these people. The energy in these … Continue reading Tips for Accountability to your Goals

Video Series – How Physical Energy Affects Everything – 2/5 If you've ever embarked on some fresh goals with lots of energy only to find yourself three weeks in with no energy, no momentum, and lots of frustration, don't fret. I've been there, too!   But why does the negative cycle seem to perpetuate itself? Why do we know what we need to do, … Continue reading Video Series – How Physical Energy Affects Everything – 2/5

Appreciation Raises Value

Appreciate this moment, for there will never be another one quite like it. Appreciate your body for what it can do now. Appreciate the relationships in your life for who, what, and where they are at this very moment. Appreciate the work you have before you, for it gives you something to put your hands … Continue reading Appreciation Raises Value

First Things First

Welcome and congratulations to you for your decision to embark on this amazing journey of accomplishing and attaining your health, fitness, and wellness goals! The investment you have made in yourself is immense, admirable, and wonderful! Your first homework assignment upon deciding to begin a fitness routine is as follows: If you have not had … Continue reading First Things First