Aubrey Eicher - Appreciation Increases ValueAppreciate this moment, for there will never be another one quite like it. Appreciate your body for what it can do now. Appreciate the relationships in your life for who, what, and where they are at this very moment. Appreciate the work you have before you, for it gives you something to put your hands to and be proud of, and a way to fund your life.

Appreciation takes different forms, from verbal affirmations to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual care. We put energy and effort into these things.

When we appreciate anything, we take better care of it.

When we take better care of these things, their value increases. The time and energy we invest in doing so increases our appreciation more. Our bodies, our relationships, our possessions, everything. It’s an ongoing upward spiral.

The opposite is a negative/downward spiral of lack of appreciation and depreciation of value.

The positive and upward spiral all starts with appreciating all that is around you, right in this moment, right where you are. Look for the good, bask in the beautiful, and question the not-so-seemingly beautiful, for there may be a silver lining awaiting to be seen there, too, ready to be transformed into something beautiful ..


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