Happy Monday, everyone! What is wellness to you? When someone asks, “how are you?” today, how will you respond? Will you mean it? How would you answer that question right this very moment?

I’m sharing this because I have been in this place, myself, as well – when we have the best of intentions to do everything the way we set out to do – eating right, exercising, showing up fully in every moment of our days at work and at home, and being the spouse/parent/sibling/friend that we really want to be – but it just doesn’t seem to be falling into place.

This first video talks more about this “problem” – and I don’t even like to call it a problem, because, really, it isn’t one, unless you want to change it! That’s all it is – something to change in our lives to make us happier and more effective humans ..

Listen and find out if resonates with you on some level.

This is a new video series I’m starting and will release a new one each Monday.

Watch, comment, and tune in for more! 🙂
Much love! Have an incredible day!


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