It’s safe to say that we won’t reach for goals we know there is no way in Hades we will accomplish. Right? We are smart people here – and we have a threshold of competence for everything in our lives – our health, fitness and wellness, to our relationships and careers.

What’s really awesome about this fact is that our level of competence is not static. It’s changeable, we can improve it if we intend to!

If we have tried to change something in our lives before and failed according to our standards of success and failure, sometimes multiple times, how likely are we to try again?

If it’s something that we really want, that’s not the time to give up. That’s the time to dig deeper and seek out what is really going on.

What are we thinking about ourselves? How can we overcome the discouragement and rise up and equip ourselves to try again?

Read a book. Watch an inspirational video. Listen to a motivational speaker. Seek out stories of people less fortunate than ourselves who did what we want to accomplish and can inspire us to figure out what we need to.

All that we do starts first in our minds and spirits. See it first, then do it and achieve it.

Can I help get your mind in the right place for your success? Apply for a free 15-minute coaching call and we can discuss it. Ask about my Accountability Coaching Program and if it’d be a good fit for you or not.

Keep people in your corner to uplift you and prod you to your goals, however you need them to do so.

Have a fantastic week!

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