Aubrey Eicher - Black Hand CoffeeRoutine. Love it? Hate it?

Have you thought about it recently? Probably. Have you pondered it in the last 5 minutes? Likely.

Why is it that we fall into such routines of tasks? Doing, doing, doing. Busy, busy, busy. Not taking time out for the things we really want to do. Not taking true time out for others: friends, family, etc. Not taking time to self-reflect and dig into why we do what we do and think how we think.

It’s easy to stay busy. It’s hard to be quiet and still and be faced with your thoughts of who you are and how you feel about your life and circumstances.

Why are we so consistent with our tasks but then inconsistent in our relationships? Consistent with our commitments, or, “duties,” but inconsistent in how we care for others and how they are doing?

What do I mean by inconsistent in relationships? Think about this. How many times, maybe even throughout the course of the day or the week, do we change our thoughts or stance if we are “for” or “against” a particular person. Now, I am not talking about loving or hating, but rather in terms of if we are willing to GIVE into the relationship. Maybe it’s a boss. A coworker. A parent. A sibling. A friend. A good friend. Or someone you feel strongly for or care a lot about. Maybe your spouse.

How could we be so feeble, so faint in our minds that we are basing whether or not we will give into a relationship based on the other person’s actions?

I realize that a large majority of people in the world will say something to the effect of, “well, how can you do xyz for anyone if they __________ (fill in your own blank!)

If they, what? Don’t appreciate it? Don’t reciprocate? Bottom Line: Don’t do what you would like them to do in return?

Hmmmm. So, is the “eye for eye” philosophy about the other person and their actions, or is it really about YOU?

We are to love one another. People. Neighbors loving neighbors. This is determined by the GIVER, not the RECEIVER. We love out of who we are, not in response to what other people do.

Side note, we all have free will, so we cannot control what others do or do not do. We are supposed to love, and we all should receive love, but we cannot control how others will respond to it. We can only control our own attitudes and actions.

Last thing: what does love in all of our relationships look like? That’s a very deep ocean to explore. Let’s visit that soon ..

Today’s dare: Break out of your routine. However big or however small you’d like to. Intentionally do things differently today. Do you usually dress nice when you’re casually going out and about? Put on a pair of flats and a t-shirt. I dare you. Do you always go to the same coffee shop? Try a new one. (Waah, I know, it’s not predictable .. but THAT is the point!) Do you always run the same route? Do you always wear makeup? Routine is easy, but breaking out of it is FUN. Find little and large ways to break out of yours and wake up your mind today!

love you! a

My thought face ..
My thought face ..

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