A friend just shared this with me and I have to share it; it’s beautiful!

To them that believe all things are true, there is nothing impossible that they cannot do.

With faith in their God, and Hope in their hand, they stand against the odds to fulfill God’s Great Plan.

Though the battle be long and the progress seem slight, they trust in their God and fight the good Fight.

And though they may go down in the heat of the fight, they will rise up and strike with all of their might.

When the battle be done and the victory is sure, their heart was for God, their motive was Pure.

And unto their God they will gratefully say,

“The Victory is Yours, You taught us the Way.”

The Spirit is Holy and ever so True, he lights up the path and guides us all through.

The Spirit of Wisdom unapproachable Light. He enlightens our hearts, and trains us to fight.

He gives us our courage and makes us stand true, to fulfill the task He has sent us to do.

And when overtaken by fears in the night, He comes to us gently and puts them to flight.

And when under judgement by the Powers that be,
He says, “These are all mine, they belong to Me.”

And then He will guide us to Heaven’ s Great Gate, we’ll all go through quickly we won’t have to wait.


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