If you want love, be it. Start with you. Do YOU love you?

How do you know if you’re lovable or worthy of love if you don’t give it to yourself?

Are you lonely? Spend time with yourself! (Sounds cheesy and woowoo, but hear me out here) ….

You probably know and like your favorite movies, favorite foods, and favorite activities!

(If not, start there, I’ve been there)

When you identify them, enjoy yourself, go indulge in them.

I’ve been in that place where I completely lost myself in a relationship only serving the other person. (Had to learn this one quite a number of painful times, to be honest). Love is not performance-based, however .. nor is it a validation (or de validation) of who you are.

In my opinion, healthy relationships are two-way streets – it’s two whole (can stand alone, but desire to share with another) people coming together and loving on each other and seeking out ways to make each others’ lives even better.

Don’t wait for someone else to come along and confirm whether you’re worthy of love or interest or attraction (or hope they will and then they don’t). Know it for yourself first. Know what it feels like to be interested in yourself and to love yourself.

Then you can recognize, be more tuned in to, and receive when someone else is .. or isn’t. (And if you’re not sure, communicate!)

Then you can also do the same for someone else, from a healthy place.

You ARE worthy. YOU just have to know it for yourself.

From the inside, out ..

xoxo 💕

PS: Share this message 😊


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