The Night Before

Alright – I’ve had a lot of thoughts simmering in my mind as of late, all of which I wish to share with you, but at this moment, I must share this lively emotion we call anticipation.

How often, as adults, do we get the feeling of waiting for something incredible to happen? Think back – in middle school, we anticipated high school. In high school, we couldn’t wait to be able to drive. Then, we couldn’t wait to drive without our parents. Some of us could hardly wait to start our first job. (Some of us now wish we had waited on that one). The excitement of turning 18! Then moving out on our own. And turning 21. Then what? Marriage, pets, kids.

Other than that, what are we generally so excited about that when our head hits the pillow, we still can’t sleep?

I’ve thought about this day for over a year, in complete and giddy excitement each time — the day of my first triathlon race. Call it a message from God, divine inspiration, whatever, but last August when I got my bike, I knew this day would come. I was told.

It’s huge to me, but small in the grand scheme of life. One small step towards the future ..

I’ll let you know how it goes! ..


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