Healthy Super Bowl Eats

No, that is not a picture of me eating healthy Super Bowl food. That’s me pigging out on my vacation in November. That’s NOT what we are going to do on game day, right??

So .. game day is coming .. are you prepared to do it healthy-but-still-darn-delicious style?! If you’re not ready, you will be by the time you finish reading this.

Did you know that the SuperBowl is the second biggest eating day of the year?

* 15% of Americans order take out food for the SuperBowl.
* That includes about 30 million pounds of snack food and 50 million pounds of avocados. (Hey, guacamole!)
* Papa John’s will dish out over 30k pizzas across the country, with enough pepperoni to cover nearly 150 football fields
* “The hungriest fan can eat 3 days worth of calories in just one night.”
* Huffington Post says that “Americans will eat 1,083,333 football fields worth of wings on Super Bowl Sunday” .. See other fun facts here:

So .. what’s your game plan? Remember that New Year’s decision you made just a month ago to be more fit? Are you mailing it in now? Or are there maybe some healthier alternatives that you could serve up that would be equally as satisfying, along with challenging yourself with some self control in eating in moderation?

Here’s my REAL game face:

Get yer game face on and stick to your goals! The only real beneficiaries of you watching the Super Bowl are the players and the TV Networks, and they honestly probably don’t care if you’re achieving your goals .. so make sure that you hold your own self accountable!



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