Excuses” />

Getting up before dawn always lights my inspirational fire. Especially on a day when most people are likely to be in bed .. there is just something amazing about getting up and getting out and doing what you really love doing.

For me this morning, it was coaching the 10k Team I am working with this year.

One could make any number of excuses .. it was cold, a brisk, bone-chilling 14 degrees .. no sunshine poking over the treetops to warm the body yet (until the end of our run!) .. and it was dark when I arose.

I could have done ANYTHING this morning, including used that extra hour or two of sleep ..

.. but I hung out with champions this morning.

Any one of us could have made excuses, but instead, we chose to follow our desires. Desires of a healthier life, a fitter body, accomplishing a new goal, something we have never done before ..

I hung out with champions this morning. Like-minded people that place their desires over their excuses and act on what they want in life. There’s no other place I would have rather been.

What are your excuses? We all face them – but what makes the difference in our lives is how we handle them. Do we give in? Or do we rise in the morning in anticipation that today is a day we will make decisions taking us toward what we really desire .. our goals, dreams, ambitions, aspirations ..

What will you choose to do today?


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