If you’re going to go through the mental and physical work and stress and pain of doing something, make sure you do it to the extent of getting a reward from it! Pain is temporary. Your feelings and emotions .. Temporary .. And unreliable at best, if I might add. But when you apply principle .. When you work off of a proven God given principle .. There, at the end of the work, is a promise .. Cause and effect, baby!

I am always telling my clients,  especially on those last, most difficult reps in a workout at the gym, “Look, you came to the gym today. You took time out of your life, your day, away from your family or other things you could be doing. Get a reward from it! Reap the benefit!” (By the way, if you haven’t heard me tell you that, it means you haven’t needed me to 😉 )

I have to remind myself all the time! Don’t become like warm! If you light yourself on fire, people will come to watch you burn. And even better, they’ll get warm, too. Maybe even hot! There’s a wonderful woman I know at the gym I work at now that is on fire for her goals .. And it inspires EVERYONE around her, including me!

Attitudes are contagious, y’all. Check yours at the door. Matter of fact, check it when you turn over the sheets and put your feet on the floor in the morning.

Have a great weekend! 



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