It’s time to roll up our sleeves and remember that it’s not always about emotion and how we feel at any given moment, but what we want and have committed to, that should drive our actions.

Earn your respect. You will earn your own respect by doing it, and he respect of others. Show yourself approved by God!

If you can succeed, if you can go for it, why wouldn’t you?

Stay on task. Keep your focus. Dance on the chains that once held you. Rise above the waters that tumble below. Use circumstances to elevate you, not to derail you. What may come against you for evil can be used for your good.

What will it take for you to stay on task daily? A lazy dog (or cat!) sitting on a nail will not move until it pains him enough to. Don’t be a lazy dogcat! Realize how your inactivity is hurting you – holding you back from your dreams, goals, relationships, ambitions!

Sometimes you need tough love. Not everything is rosy and sweet, and sympathy won’t help you grow! Get up and move today! Show yourself diligent to what you said you want in life – a fit body, a successful business, a happy family, balance in your life!

© 2014 Aubrey L Eicher


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