I’m so over believing the lies of my accuser. The accusations of my accuser. I’m choosing life! I’m choosing joy! The joy of the Lord is most certainly our strength. For far too long, I’ve bent under the pressure of the enemy, listening to his bullshit. I’m done!

Jesus didn’t die so we could live underneath all that guilt and condemnation. He died so we could have life. Life abundantly. It’s not a gimmick or a cute saying – it’s cold, hard truth!

This life is training ground. I will mess up hence why He died for ALL of my sins, all of my shortcomings, yesterday, today, and tomorrow – if I will recognize, receive and continuously seek to get better. True repentance. Not condemnation, but conviction. Humbling myself. Seeking Him. Asking for His help.

Can I trust the God of the universe that He is in control and knew that all my happenings in my story of a life would occur? Or will I deem myself as God and not humble myself to receive His forgiveness that is already paid for and accessible to me? Hm.

I’m busting out of this cell.

Here’s a related-writing to this topic: http://www.brilliantperspectives.com/the-trojan-horse-in-the-church/

be blessed!



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