I think life has a way of revealing key turning points to us, and signals, or guidance, if you will, of what to do along the way. Kind of like when you realize you’ve had the pattern of waking in the middle of the night at 0330 for so long but not utilized the energy for what seems so obvious now: the need to write, the desire to express.

Some people call them “omens,” such as in the *fantastic* book, The Alchemist, or “signs.”

It’s been a long while since I remembered my dreams. I know that I still do, dream, that is, yet, when I awake, the details have escaped me. It’s been a few months; I miss the joy of wondering what my dream was about and exploring the elements that were involved in them.

I’ve been on a positivity kick for sometime now, and don’t plan on turning my back on it. In the process, I’ve been playing around with the concept that life is, has been, and will be perfect in the future.

This can be a rather tough concept when we have what seem to be negative experiences in our past or present life. I don’t want to be insensitive to that – it is an entirely valid point, because, after all, it is our experience and our thoughts.

What I’d like to propose is the idea, the viewpoint that everything is, or can be, rather, for our benefit. Everything, whether positive or negative, can be a catalyst for our own personal growth. I wonder, is this the journey that we call life? This has been the way that I have viewed it, and I must say, that when I stopped fighting life and all the things that “have happened to me,” I started growing immensely, not only in my personal character and how I handle life in general, but in my level of happiness, peace, and joy.

“How can I grow from this,” and, “what’s the message I’m receiving here,” have become two of my main questions when I’m up against a tough situation, whether past or present. I believe, too, that we can grow to the point that we are looking at the positive things happening in our lives and grow from them, too.

Who am I to judge anything in my past as negative, or something that “shouldn’t have happened?” After all, I am okay today, and really, when I’m honest, I’m rather happy about where and who I am. I used to believe that I was a “sum of all of my experiences,” but I believe now that isn’t entirely true –

It’s kind of like watching a movie .. but in this special, one-of-a-kind blockbuster, we are intricately involved, and yet, we are simply watching it, aren’t we?

As I read this incredible book, The Untethered Soul, I am presented with the deep question: who am I? Am I really the person who will get up in a few hours and look in the mirror and get ready for the day, thinking about my schedule or feeling tired or energized, or am I the consciousness behind those things that is watching myself do such things?

I find that life is incredibly fun to explore our perspectives and experiences. For me, it’s even more fun to play around with finding new ways to look at everything.

Over the past 9 months, I’ve realized that life all along has been for me and not against me. It’s been a friend. When I began to embrace that concept, the adventure of this journey reestablished its serendipitous, wondrous ways; much like when we were children, we have the ability to simply observe and enjoy, to ask questions and form opinions that we actually like, versus ones that weigh us down and seem to deplete our creative energy.

Allowing myself the time, energy, and freedom to write again, I believe, will prove to be quite the fun adventure.

What’s the adventure in your life today?

much love, Aubrey


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