Convergence: when everything seems to just “come together.”
Are you restless? You are not alone. – Powerful words.
We are unique and special individuals, but our problems in life are not so unique and special. Many of us encounter many of the same trials. You are not alone.
Finding a place of convergence in our lives is a special thing to be treasured – I would vouch that it is one of the most sought-after, inexplicable, and incredible phenomena we can experience. It’s when all the dots of past events and experiences connect to aid us where we are today.
Looking back, knowing what you know now, can you see connections? Jobs you disliked at the time that have equipped you with skills you’re glad you have now? Relationships that gave you input for what you don’t prefer, and what you do?
All things can be used for our good, if we intend it.

This is the journey, the adventure ..

What connections can you see today?

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