Healthy Super Bowl Eats

No, that is not a picture of me eating healthy Super Bowl food. That's me pigging out on my vacation in November. That's NOT what we are going to do on game day, right?? So .. game day is coming .. are you prepared to do it healthy-but-still-darn-delicious style?! If you're not ready, you will … Continue reading Healthy Super Bowl Eats


Nutritional Misunderstandings: The Carbohydrate

I came across this great little article about low-carb diets and wanted to share it with you.  Here are my thoughts, what I have learned, and what works for me .. I recommend a balanced diet, about 15-20% protein (based on your weight training intensity), 15-25% healthy fats, and about 55-65% carbohydrates. To supplement the article … Continue reading Nutritional Misunderstandings: The Carbohydrate