The Spice of Life!

Variety .. The spice of life!

And workouts. Mix it up. Try something new today. And this week, for that matter. Just mix it up! Do you find yourself falling into that same old routine at the gym? Monday squats? Wednesday bench presses? Friday lat pulldowns? Have you tried working with the cable cross recently? There are only about a million and one possible exercises available to you with that machine. How about the stability ball? Medicine balls? How about a good ole push-up? How many can you do at once? When was the last time you did some supersets? Do you write out what you’re going to do in your workout before you go in? Do you keep track of the amount of weight that you did for each exercise, with the number of reps and sets? How will you track your progress?

I won’t get off on my PLANNING YOUR LIFE tangent here. I’m saving that for Wednesday. Stay tuned.

How about food? Are you eating the same old same old? Try something new today! Are you tracking your portion sizes? Have you tried eating smaller meals throughout the day, or are you afraid you’ll gain even more weight than you haven’t lost if you do?

Let’s face it – the definition of insanity is DOING THE SAME THING .. OVER AND OVER .. EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS. How will that ever happen? The action steps that got you to where you are today are more than likely not the same action steps that will take you to where you want to be tomorrow .. or 3 weeks from now .. or 3 years from now. Wait .. have you thought about 3 years from now yet? You can’t have microwave mentality with life – that only works with chemically heating up your food. Everything takes time and is a process .. so roll up your sleeves .. embrace it .. love it .. live it!


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