With balance comes a level of fluidity and flexibility.

Think about it – if life is always moving and changing and evolving, then shouldn’t our plans, also?

Going back to Stephen Covey’s book, I take a few minutes, maybe 15, at night before I gear down for rest, to plan my priorities and how they fit into my schedule for the next day. Here’s an example:
1. Family –
• Call dad and mom
• Do something for significant other
2. Business
• Catch up with/work out client(s) and determine progress, needs, and future progression towards goals
• Find new client
3. Fitness
• Lower body fat %
• Weight train
• Eat correctly
4. NY Marathon
• Have a program
• Train/follow program
5. Personal Dev
• Become more like the person God created me to be
• Read the Bible
• Take notes
• Prayer time/conversation with God
6. Social
• Group of friends
• Call/catch up with a friend
• Organize a get-together

You and I both have an equal opportunity playing field – 24 hours in this day, today. This is what allows me to come from my background and, hopefully, graciously, thankfully, rise to a level of success, whatever that success is to me, which is fulfilling God’s calling on my life – whatever He created me for. I know that ultimately He knows what’s best for me and I will be most happy and fulfilled spending my days chasing Him. (See Psalm 34:7 and Matthew 5:33).

Being that you and I both have 24 hours and more than likely differing goals and priorities, we have to find the best way to prioritize and spend our time to get to where we want to go.

It is entirely possible to spend our days very busy but not very productive. Think of the days you may spend that seem like you’re only putting out fires – compared to the days that offer you the opportunity to get each task done leading to your goal/vision/future.

What if we can have a serious impact on whether we have more days either way? I imagine you want more days that lead you to your goals than putting out fires.

Here’s the diagram and the solution:


Take each area of your life into your nightly planning. Look at where you want to go. Now look at the goals and action steps you can take to get there. Now, what is most important? What is most urgent? What is most important AND urgent? What is neither important or urgent and can be put off until a later time?

15 minutes can do more than save you on car insurance 😉

© 2014 Aubrey L Eicher


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