Have you thought to yourself where the creative spark went? Sometimes we can be so wrapped up and focused on our own agendas that we do not leave space for adventure and creativity.

I get it. I used to classify myself as that “Type A, go getter” personality. Don’t get me wrong – I get stuff done. But I experienced a shift recently. Instead of striving at getting my never-ending to-do list done (it’s always being added to and subtracted from), I have embraced the ebb and flow. And, consequently, a lot of the creativity, adventure, and spice of life is returning.

What might we be missing out on if we are simply focused on what we need to get done? Focused on ourselves and what we need to do .. “A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package.”

Life asks for balance. It’s always shifting, never stagnant. Instability invites growth. Getting out of your usual environment inspires creative thought.

There is a time for interruptions. The fateful conversation, the new idea that hits you like a brick because you opened your eyes and paid attention around you .. you may receive solutions to problems you have mulled over for months, and you may find new creative ideas to advance your life and efforts forward light years, in one day.

Complacency and self-centeredness breeds death. We are never stagnant, we are always either progressing or regressing.

Today’s Dare: Breathe. Take a moment, do something out of your norm, and resist the tension that you create that tells you that you need to be doing “XYZ.” Step out of your comfort zone. Do something new. If you’re a procrastinator, take the time to tackle your “whatever” in a new environment. If you’re an anti-procrastinator, take time to breathe and relax a little.

Time away from your “tasks at hand” may not be as counter-productive as you may think ..

love you!


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