Aubrey Eicher - IsolationI sit at this restaurant at the only table that has an outlet that I can charge my laptop at while I work on a few things. I am working .. but not. What was utter exhaustion earlier has turned into utter inspiration after fulfilling my appetite with cabbage-seafood- and vegetable stir-fry and a good beer.

I had the best server, might I add. I’ve been to this place only a small handful of times, and she remembered me from 7+ months ago. I love it when I see people that have a heart for others!

So, as I’ve sat at this table, one of those half-booth half-table kind of setups, I’ve had a few different parties of people sit next to me.

The first was a cute young couple celebrating the boyfriend’s new job – getting out of landscaping and into a job at a car dealership that he was excited about – benefits, better work environment, and what seemed to be a trust in better stability. I was happy for them.

Now, there is a family of four next to me: mom, dad, and two daughters. It’s a beautiful family.

The time, however, between the two seatings of the tables was long. Multiple parties were brought over to be seated that subsequently requested to sit at another table.

I know the cause. We are too close.

It’s not because I look weird, because I don’t. It’s not that I am in the space of the table next to me, because I am not. However, the epidemic of America: isolation. There are plenty of other open tables around, and we have this odd tendency to spread out, and when we spread out, we spread away from one another.

Humans – we are meant to connect. If you want to be alone, stay at home. If you want to go out, be prepared to connect. Why must we be so isolated? I understand, not everyone thinks like this and maybe I might be overthinking it a little .. ? Nah. I think I’m pretty spot on.

Our lives expand when we reach out, talk, and connect with those around us. I actually feel tons better not only because my appetite for food is satisfied, but because I reached out to connect and be a blessing in the life of someone else – and celebrate a victory of theirs with them.

Even if it was just in passing.

Even if I don’t ever see them again.

Do you know the impact your presence is to those around you? Do you know the impact your absence has?

Today’s dare: Be present. Don’t be absent. Don’t run, don’t hide, just BE. Just be you, tried and true, sincere and honest, no fronts, no images, not cut and chopped to be perfectly placed and manicured on your social media. Go out today and connect with someone new. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how therapeutic this can be!

We are not meant to be isolated. Not as a state of being.

love you!


2 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. I love your blog. It was so good! It inspired me so much to think of this that way! See you soon at Genghis

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