Dear America – prosperity should not be sought after on the outside. No. Listen to me. Prosperity is NOT wrong. It is very, very, good. BUT at what point do we realize that we have been going about finding it the wrong way?

Do the ends always justify the means? Or do the means always effect the ends?

Why is it that as a culture, we are in the CONSTANT pursuit of the #AmericanDream – having everything we want/need/our colleagues have.

What is the value of time? Do we truly realize we are trading our time for money? Our life for money? Sure, money is how we pay for things, like rent. Rent is important. A place to live is important. Trust me, I know this. But, to what extent is it important? How much time are we spending there? Are we spending more time working to pay for the home than enjoying the home?

Over a fantastic lunch with good friends of mine the other day, we agreed that too many of our lunches were ONLY to conduct business, and not to have friendships. We realized we had become such production hounds that we only met with people if it were to benefit ourselves. YUCK!

I’m only asking questions. And sharing my own thoughts. We have to answer the questions for ourselves. We each place different amounts of value on various things. I can’t make anyone think anything. I just want to encourage you to do just that – to think.

What is it we are working for? Striving for?

I am not a lazy person. In fact, I will work so hard and drive myself into sickness because I can have a tendency to not turn it off. I enjoy filling my life, and I live it fully – but I am also learning the ebb and flow of life, and how for me, personally, I work really well, in intervals.

What’s best for you? What do you want? What is most important to you? Lifestyle? Family? The nice house your family never had when you were growing up but wished they did? What is your motivation?

Rest is an action – because it is something we have to MAKE ourselves do.

Today’s dare: Do just that – take some time today, even just a moment, and embrace the rest and think about life. Life as you know it, and life as you would truly like it to be like. Where are your relationships? Where is your time? Where are your resources – money, possessions, etc? What about things you enjoy doing? Just give some thought today 😉 Write it down!

Embrace a place of rest to slow down for a moment and ponder these things. Some of my best, most creative, most inspiring, and productive thoughts are coming from a place of rest in God.

love you!

Aubrey Eicher - Dessert - Fried Ice Cream - Workaholism Post
Dessert with my friends at lunch! #enjoyinglife



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