Warrior - Aubrey EicherYou cannot keep a fighter from fighting. They long for the battle, the fight, the challenge. They long to conquer. To overcome. For victory. If they aren’t fighting, they are bored. And if they’re bored, they’re getting in trouble.


The longer that I live, the more that I realize that not everyone is the same, but yet we all are not so different, either. What I am talking about right now, though, is more pertaining to how people operate and are motivated.

Are you peace-seeking, or fight-seeking?

Both kinds of people are necessary. And, I believe, as we all develop and grow into our potentials, that yes, we will have predispositions and a natural gifting towards one side of this spectrum, but we will become mature in our balance of the two.

Mature warriors know how to pick their fights. More importantly, they recognize and honor authority. God is final authority. What should you do in a certain situation? Who knows everything, all details, and all their intricate little tweaks and outcomes? None other than God. He created it all, and He is in it all. It all works for good for those who love Him.

Isn’t life a constant fight, all around us, of good vs evil? Don’t we all want to see good win?

Today’s dare: Whether you are a fighter or a peace-seeker, do you believe that your best battles are ahead of you, or behind you? Speculate. Think of the victories you have had in your life. Look for God to connect the dots of your experiences, both good and bad. I guarantee you that no one experience is wasted or useless, but that all are purposeful, even if we haven’t seen it all connect, yet.

love you!


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