My beautiful treasures, when is the last time that someone genuinely communicated your true value to you?

You. You are beautiful. You are amazing. Wonderful. Brilliant. Completely one of a kind. Powerful. Magnificent. Mighty. Noble. Brilliant. Witty. Lovely.

You are able to be loved, you are loveABLE.

You are WORTHY. Worthy of love, of respect, of genuine relationship with those around you.

My prayer is that you have a man, a brother, a father, someone to look you straight in the eyes and communicate your value to you to the extent that you not only hear it, but you receive it and believe it as truth in your life.

You truly are valuable and the world needs you to realize that. God wants you to realize that.

The world is changing as our generation of women rises up to the understanding of who God made them to be, the immense value placed within them. Elevate your understanding, seek to understand fully and know your value and worth. God will not skimp on delivering this!

It is His heart’s desire for us to understand just how much He loves us.

He is the ultimate romancer, the ultimate lover, He knows everything about us! He knows us best and thus loves us best.

He will never manipulate, demoralize, or try to hurt you in any way. He is God – He is always good, all the time. This is just who He is; He cannot change His character.

You cannot earn more love from Him, and you cannot lose any love from Him, either. You must simply just accept His love. Abide in it. Just to BE. Just to BE YOU. That is all He wants.

and for the record, I love you, too. I understand what it is like to feel unloved, unloveable, to feel like I needed to have earned love but never could quite get it .. I understand it. And thus, I am coming into this amazing revelation of God’s love. I do not regret the experiences I have had, because they are all to the glory of God – they are all a testament to His amazing goodness for where I am today in my walk with Him. He is amazing and His love is the most amazing thing I have experienced in my 26 years of life.

Side note, this is not a feminist movement, bashing men and declaring our anger and hatred against them .. no. This is a receipt of God’s love and thus we will share God’s love with all of those around us. Don’t be angry, bitter, frustrated .. those are not fruits of God but of the negative, the enemy. God wants to give us His love and joy. So receive that and share it! God’s love and goodness is what changes people, not anger or judgment. Those are not our emotions to exhibit. Don’t adopt them. Bring love into your heart. Accept the fact that God has amazing things for you. Start looking for them today!

Today’s dare: Write down and date some requests to God. Regardless of your current relationship with Him, You are His daughter. He longs to love you and be allowed in the daily direction of your life. He has great plans for you! Write down your hearts desires and let Him know about them. Then, start expecting and looking for them! Ask daily, if you like. Remind Him of your requests. Study His faithfulness! Study His goodness. Receive His joy. It is your strength! Read Philippians 4:8.

love you!


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