What is the purpose of life?

Boom. I’ll just close there ..


Haha! Just kidding. I have a like question for you today, though: What do you believe the purpose of YOUR life is?

That’s important. I’m leaving that one open-ended. Do your own homework there. What a vital question that is. It shapes everything about us. It marks the trajectory of our lives. It takes us to it. What we believe our purpose is, is literally the vehicle that gets us to it.

Aubrey Eicher - GrowCan we all agree on one thing? We were all meant to grow. We see this in children .. from infant .. to toddler .. to small child .. to teenager .. to adult .. and so forth. But let us not stop there .. we are to continue growing, even past our 21st birthday. At what point do we decide to stop celebrating birthdays? Typically when we stop growing. What is there to look forward to when our “best days” are behind us?

A common trait I have found in individuals that despise the marking of another year on their life is that those are the individuals that have simply stopped growing. They stopped celebrating.

Knowledge brings joy, right?

Think about the last time you were talking with a friend who was trying to explain something to you, and you just were not getting it. But finally! The light came on (even that expression has a joyful connotation attached to it!) and you more than likely got excited that you understood what it was they were explaining.

There is joy and life in obtaining new understanding.

Today’s dare: Start a discussion today about something you learned recently. Then, ask the other person/people to share something they have learned recently. Ask them questions about it, even if they did not ask you anything in-depth about your experience. Seek to understand. Seek to learn. Seek to grow.

Talking about these experiences brings them forth in our life and we can process them and glean the lessons from them. They also, then consequently, spur more experiences of the like to be drawn to you. An object in motion stays in motion, and a person learning and growing will continue to learn and grow in a snowball-effect-like fashion!

love you!


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