Aubrey Eicher - TruthTruth

How do we slow down enough in life to sit still and face ourselves?

Have you thought about this?

This world, our American culture, shows us, teaches us, to run, stay busy, drink, do drugs, etc .. Maybe not everyone falls into all of those categories, of course, but bear with me ..

This world keeps us so busy that we can’t pay attention long enough to truly think.

“Chase this, do that, Chase this accomplishment, acquire this or that, keep up with the Joneses!”

“Fit in .. ”

“Be yourself!”

“You’re ‘x’ age, so you should have this, or do that ..”


This world pressures us but the Truth sets us free ..
And what is the Truth, pertaining to me?
The ultimate Truth’s what I want to see,
The destiny God has created for me!

Today’s Dare: Seek the truth. I dare ya. You know it, deep within you .. seek it, believe it, trust it ..

Know that I’m in the fight for Truth with you!

love ya!


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