It’s amazing to me what we will find if we are simply paying attention. 

I have a love/hate relationship with incredibly full days. I am praying for God to give me the energy for the busy ones, and the patience for the quiet ones. The full ones leave me exhausted at the end, yet fulfilled. The quiet ones tend to leave me frustrated at times, if I don’t recognize them.

Today was a full day. It was also a fulfilling day. I’ve had little thoughts and conversations with God throughout, which I thought I would share. I tend to take notes, so I’ll share those notes with you here, as a type of “raw footage” of the day. The day was packed with work, workouts, meetings, more work, and Bible study with a part of my community. A good day, indeed. Yet, even as I write that, I am reminded of a quote that struck me at first back in 2014, I remember, as I wrote it on the mirror of my bathroom in my apartment with a dry erase marker, purple, of course: “There are no bad days, there are no good days, there are only days filled with grace.” Oh, how true it is.



I never understood the value of community until this past year. (What DID I learn in 2015? What have I already learned in 2016??)

It’s fascinating how we all bounce off of and support one another. Benefit one another. Both actively/directly and passively/inadvertently/indirectly.

I was always fascinated with the life principles I could extract from running when I began just a few years ago.

Run Allegories: Chafing
The importance of protection. Gotta prep for that. Otherwise you’ll be in a little bit of pain for a little while.

Hm. A little bit of prep and protection goes a long way. And takes you further.

Apply BodyGlide. To armpits, thighs, and life. To the heart.

Get just close enough to your enemy to learn all you can about them, pinpoint their tiniest error, now your opportunity, and strike.

Remember, we wrestle against principalities and powers, not flesh and blood. (Eph 6:12)

Probably the best video I’ve seen lately: 

What did you learn today? 😊



2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Walkabout Day

  1. A smart line cook starts his shift by setting his station for service. It’s a lesson I learned early at the Royal Cafe in Albany, Ca.

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