Free will. The will is a funny thing. It is a gift yet can seem to be a curse. It is to be submitted before God as our Lord, King, Father, friend. That’s the best scenario, anyway. Yet, daily, this is a choice, a decision we have.
To choose. Oh, the gift of choice. What God wants? Or what we want. Hm. It’s interesting, indeed – Our own will is subject to our own limited knowledge. Our limited perspective. Yet, submitting it to God opens up His knowledge and guidance in our situations and our lives. Do you perceive this?

Can we lay our ideas, our wills, down? Knowing Him, that He is good and has great plans for us?

If we know Him, truly know Him, we can trust Him.

It is a life work to know the God that created us, and who He created us to be. In the process, hopefully so, we follow His guidance and convictions.

We plan our ways, but He truly does direct our steps .. (Proverbs 16:9)


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